A Form of Violence Riso Zine

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A Form of Violence is a limited edition risograph zine by Madison Cowles Serna. This is an artistic zine commenting on r*pe culture and pornography. Each page features pixelated thumbnails of pornographic videos and their real titles juxtaposed with segments of a quote that continues onto each page.  The final page contains a statement about the 1988 film The Accused and its relationship to this zine.
  • Category: Art Zine
  • Pages: 12
  • Colors: 2 - Yellow and Magenta
  • Medium: Risograph
  • Limited edition of 30
  • Will never be re-printed

All risograph zines are printed one color at a time. Risograph printing is an imperfect process. While we strive to make our zines as crisp as possible, slight imperfections, smudges, and roller marks are all part of the riso process--and part of its charm!